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  "I suppose there have been other people like JEN SHYU: disciplined vocalists who speak and sing in multiple languages, work with improvisation and composition and movement, feel at home both with quick-change rhythmic patterns and meditative long tones, use narrative poetry as a basis for songs, and use a two-stringed Taiwanese moon lute in a New Yorkish and vanguardish jazz context.  I just can't think of any right now.

Instead of thinking about her categorically, you can focus on how beautifully and generously she uses sound. She's been a regular singer in Steve Coleman's amazing group Five Elements for eight years and has more recently worked on a solo project for vocals and poetic texts. But her group, JADE TONGUE--with saxophonist David Binney, the bassist Thomas Morgan and the drummer Dan Weiss, all among New York's best jazz musicians--is something special, and best understood in performance, when she directs their collective energy in real time."
             --Ben Ratliff, NY Times, 5/29/11


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Coming out Fall 2011 on 
Pi Recordings: Synastry duo with bassist Mark Dresser!


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Jen Shyu: Jade Tongue

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Evocative original compositions featuring Shyu's lyrics, and stirring music set to texts by Chinese, Brazilian, Taiwanese poets past and present, and testimonials from indentured Chinese laborers treated as slaves in 19th-century Cuba.

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