Photo: Steven Schreiber


There is an opening of land off the Flecha road
Where the earth spreads wide its grassy skins
Til it breaks and reveals red clay
Flesh where the wild horses graze
Just beyond
From afar their exhales fluttering
Sighs in the expanse
I knew not where I was, whom I strove to be
It was cold
Mother, I give you the sign
I grabbed the first warm hand
I rush home, and I see
I was home all the time

- Jen Shyu, from Solo Rites: Seven Breaths

Excerpt published in Arcana VI: Musicians on Music edited by John Zorn

Jen Shyu, experimental vocalist, composer, multi-instrumentalist, dancer, and Fulbright scholar, receives 2016 DORIS DUKE ARTIST AWARD

Voted Rising Star Female Vocalist in 2017 Downbeat Critics Poll HERE

NBC News Feature HERE

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